November-December 2018: The AGORA program, Erasmus +, in Manchester, England



The AGORA program, Erasmus +, in Manchester, England


Young people working in the arts and culture field from Greece, Sweden, Romania and England participated in the second part of the Erasmus + educational program AGORA, held in Mantress, 25 November to 1 December 2018 Under the auspices of the award-winning IPOW (In Place Of War) organization of the University of Manchester, the second part of the program gave a dynamic impetus to the participants to inspire, deepen, target and express the creative their idea. The program had a hands-on approach and included customized and interactive activities useful to individual participants – clusters of interest included unconventional cultural spaces in areas such as: activism and creativity, social change, multidisciplinary art forms, mental health & creativity, mathematics & creativity, diversity and inclusion. At the same time, the participants made site visits to cultural organizations / DIY art spaces / artists who worked in relevant fields, took part in group talks that were of benefit to all, e.g. how to set up a creative business / how to be an entrepreneur, ethics of setting up a business, how to remain diplomatic in difficult situations, dealing with conflict, assertiveness and working with teams.




Finally, the participants had the opportunity to present their own pilot project in a more specific form.