“UKRAINIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE UNDER THREAT”: Program for the promotion of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage

The Network of Educational Institutes of the European Union (EUNIC) in Athens, chaired by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, implemented the “UKRAINIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE UNDER THREAT” program with the main aim of exhibiting to the Greek public and institutions, elements of the intangible and material Ukrainian cultural heritage, as well as the consequences of the war on it.

The project was implemented by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Romania in Athens, sponsored by the Culture of Solidarity-EUNIC Ukraine Fund, the collaboration of the European Cultural Foundation and EUNIC, and the main funding of the Goethe-Institut as well as the kind contribution of the French Institute and the Cervantes Institute.

The program included: Photo exhibition of the seven Ukrainian UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the relevant candidacy of the historical center of Odessa, at the French Institute of Athens, with opening on December 20, 2022, a Concert of traditional Ukrainian and Greek music, at the Goethe-Institut Athens, on December 16, 2022 and a Roundtable on “Cultural Threats in Cases of Hostilities”, at the Goethe-Institut Athens, on 19 December 2022.

Yannis Sourelis and Aspasia Protogerou from Fotoessa, attended the round table, coordinated by Mr. Stefanos Vallianatos from the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. Two thematic axes were developed: 1. Material Cultural Heritage (at war, after invasion, under occupation) the consequences, the legal, diplomatic and managerial aspects and 2. the Intangible Heritage (at war, after invasion, under occupation, in exile), the consequences at home and abroad, as well as the assessment of needs and the submission of proposals.