“Out of the Box”: all day Intercultural Workshop for Spanish students from Fundació Llor hosted by SCI Hellas’

Is there any greater happy feeling for an Intercultural Trainer and youth worker than to witness her young participants’ ranking as their top values empathy, friendship and will to be better?

That was one of the positive outcomes Fotoessa’s John (Yannis) Sourelis and Aspasia Protogerou enjoyed on the 29th of November 2023, while facilitating the all day intercultural workshop “Out of the Box”, for 22 high school students from Spain’s educational institution Fundació Llor, hosted by SCI Hellas. Despite the heavy program, we were truly excited to stimulate the young group’s sharing wise ideas and expressing themselves in multiple creative ways, full of authenticity and energy. During the workshop we were able to explore issues like:

Creating a safe space for self-expression

Exploring identity and inclusivity

“Hunting” stereotypes and limitations of perspeption

Working out the critical thinking muscle

Fire up team spirit and imaginative collaboration

Practice dialogue and active listening

Expanding self-awareness and, of course, ways of thinking and acting “Out of the Box”!

We would like to warmly thank both the Spanish group (the 22 participants and their professors Sergi and Jordi) as well as SCI Hellas for the opportunity.