Presentation of ALF Intercultural Citizenship Education tools to the students of the School of Humanities, University of the Aegean

The House of Europe in Rhodes and Fotoessa PC, in collaboration with the Linguistics Laboratory of the Department of Primary Education at the University of the Aegean, under the auspices of the Greek Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, and on the occasion of the Mediterranean Day, organized an event to present the tools and

“Out of the Box”: all day Intercultural Workshop for Spanish students from Fundació Llor hosted by SCI Hellas’

Is there any greater happy feeling for an Intercultural Trainer and youth worker than to witness her young participants’ ranking as their top values empathy, friendship and will to be better? That was one of the positive outcomes Fotoessa’s John (Yannis) Sourelis and Aspasia Protogerou enjoyed on the 29th of November 2023, while facilitating the

“A New Gender Era”: Online session on gender stereotypes and the role of media

On the 4th of November 2023, Fotoessa’s co-founder, Yiannis (John) Sourelis, and Intercultural trainer, Aspasia Protogerou, participated in a four-hour online session organized by the Gender Alliance and specifically, from George Nikolaidis, Adult Educator and Coordinator of the organization Gender Alliance and Andriana Nikoloulia,  Psychologist – MSc Social Psychology – Gender Alliance. The training session

Intercultural Dialogue workshop for NGO “People of Love” volunteers

On October 6, Fotoessa organized an intercultural workshop for the volunteers of the non-profit organization “People of Love” ( In the hospitable space of the “Hatzivei School”, volunteers shared the experience of intercultural dialogue, by participating in original interactive activities, under the guidance of intercultural trainer Aspasia Protogerou and coordinator Yiannis Sourelis. The creative group,

“Challenging Perception and Suspending Judgment” on line intercultural workshop for Youth Workers

Following the “Change is a Journey” Irish Youth Workers’ Erasmus+ mobility program which took place in Greece on April 2023, Fotoessa organized an on line Intercultural Citizenship Education workshop for the program’s team of Irish Youth Workers, on June 20th. During the digital ICE training session, Aspasia Protogerou presented possible limitations of our perception and

“Gender Identity & Violence when Empowering the Youth” (GIVEN) Erasmus+ program

18-28 May 2023. Fotoessa’s co-founder, John Sourelis, and Intercultural trainer of trainers, Aspasia Protogerou, participated in the 10 days SCI Hellas’ Erasmus+ training program:  “Gender Identity & Violence when Empowering the Youth” (GIVEN) which was held in Thessaloniki from 18 to 28 May, 2023. The specific program focused on informing, sensitizing and training youth workers

Presentation of the Creative and Social Entrepreneurship Programme (CSEP) at the workshop on “Innovative educational programs for vulnerable groups” of “NGO Competence” ERASMUS+

Fotoessa participated in the workshop organized by the Greek Network for the Fight against Poverty on “Innovative educational programs for vulnerable groups” in the framework of the ERASMUS+ program “NGO Competence” – Improving the competences of NGO educators for social inclusion. The program aims to train executives of Civil Society organizations, through exchanges of good

Experiential Workshops on INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE and SOCIAL RESILIENCE for EDUCATORS of the Municipality of Saronikos

In Palaia Phocaea of the Municipality of Saronikos, within the framework of the events for the 100 years since the Asia Minor catastrophe, two 3-hour experiential workshops on Intercultural Dialogue and Social Resilience were organized for educators, on September 18 and October 15, 2022, respectively. Beyond the spectrum of mourning and historical memory, these workshops

Conclusion of the “Intercultural Competences Development Workshops” Deree – The American College of Greece, Nov’21

Conclusion of the “Intercultural Competences Development Workshops” Deree – The American College of Greece, Nov’21 We, at Fotoessa, are so proud! A major intercultural training initiative to bridge civil society and academia has been successfully completed! We would like to express our gratitude to the students of the International Honors Program of the American College