Through education, research and various actions, we hope to promote the exchange of ideas and practices among the citizens of the world and also to put our hearts in the effort to make a little more understandable the complexity of both the global and the local reality of the world we live in.

Our research and educational programs, and also our actions aspire to serve as a meeting place for recognized theoreticians from the academic world as well as civil society educators and specialists of all ages from various scientific fields.

We believe and encourage Dialogue and Cooperation between  people with different roots, attitudes, religions and ideas (both inside and outside of Greece) and between local and international organizations. Consequently, we consider Fotoessa as a cradle of birth and realization of ideas, as a center that offers opportunities to those who want to evolve, or even discover, their skills and present their scientific achievements.

Fotoessa is an authorized trainer for the Creative & Social Entrepreneurship Program (CSEP) of the In Place of War (IPOW) awarded organization of University of Manchester and for the Intercultural Citizanship Education Program of the Anna Lindh Foundation.