Fotoessa is an authorized trainer for the Creative & Social Entrepreneurship Program (CSEP) of the In Place of War (IPOW) awarded organization of the University of Manchester.


Since the beginning of 2016, Fotoessa has been providing specialized educational programs to postgraduate students and members of international foundations under the EU umbrella. These training programs are utilized by its team and associates and they are theoretical, experiential, interactive and practical.

All training is certificated by well-known institutions and universities. Our training programs are dealing with Human Rights, Civic Rights, the promotion of intercultural dialogue and understanding, the promotion of the values of Democracy, the promotion of civil participation, education regarding the fundamental rights, the promotion of mutual understanding and respect between people from different nations or religions and people with different ideas and beliefs. They are also dealing with stimulating young people to participate in public life and social events.

Our goal is to provide high quality and continuous education under excellent conditions utilizing the knowledge of renowned trainers.


At Fotoessa we recognize the important role of higher education for the development and prosperity both on personal and social levels. Our programs aim at serving three main pillars: education, research, and innovation. Those are our top priorities. We encourage transnational mobility and participation in high-quality education, disseminated to an ever-growing number of people. Through our partnerships and cooperation with universities and renowned specialists and educators from all over the world, we develop international, certified postgraduate programs aiming at providing continuous education and creating highly specialized stuff ready to work in managerial positions in international NGOs and organizations relevant to Civic Society.


One of Fotoessa’s goals is high-quality education and continuous learning, utilizing the best possible techniques and with the participation of renowned professors.

The seminars, that are coordinated by the team and partners of Fotoessa, cover a wide range of social issues concerning human rights, civil rights, the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the promotion of social participation, the promotion of democratic governance, the promotion of mutual understanding and respect between people with different religion and nationality, different beliefs and ideas and the promotion of the participation of young people in public and social life. The courses are certificated and have a theoretical, practical, experiential and interactive character.


In cooperation with Greek and foreign institutions and foundations, we provide grants and scholarships that support continuous and advanced education for the creation of highly skilled professionals ready to work in NGOs dealing with Civic Society and Social Entrepreneurship.


Intercultural Citizenship Education: “Identity & Multiculturality” community activity

After the Training of Trainers in Intercultural Citizenship Education (Cyprus, 2019) and following the Anna Lindh Foundation’s dissemination goal, Fotoessa ...
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“Empty classrooms: the impact of COVID-19 on education”: Online discussion by “Friends of Europe”

Ensuring that all girls and boys are granted quality education is a prime ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals*. The ...
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ALF Training for Trainers on Intercultural Citizenship Education (25/11 to 1/12/19)

In the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Learning and Cities Programme, aiming at preparing people of the region ...
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FOTOESSA as the Host Company in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program 2019

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs  During 2019, FOTOESSA has been the Host Company in the European exchange program for Entrepreneurs. Erasmus ...
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May 2019: The conclusion of the program AGORA Erasmus +, in Athens, Greece

  The conclusion of the program AGORA Erasmus +, in Athens, Greece Fotoessa proudly hosted, from 14 to 20 May ...
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Holistic Life Coaching: Personal Empowerment as the key to achieving individual goals

Eleni Papadaki, a leading holistic psychologist and life coach, had a group session with the participants of Agora Erasmus+ Program ...
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Romantso: Creative Hub & Cultural Center

Romantso, characterized by the public and important institutions as an innovative venue that during the last ten years continuously forms ...
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Shedia: Support for the Homeless and Contribution to Social Inclusion

The Agora Erasmus + Program (2019) participants had an opportunity to visit Shedia premises in Athens and to get introduced ...
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Kinitiras: A Case Study on Encouraging Sustainability and Growth of Social and Creative Entrepreneurship

Fotoessa decided to include the internationally recognized Artistic Network for Performing Arts ‘Kinitiras’ in the last international Agora Erasmus + training ...
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Municipal Kypseli Market: The first market of social entrepreneurship and urban regeneration in Greece

Elena Lambrou, from Impact Hub Athens, welcomed the Agora Erasmus+ Program (2019) participants in a bold community prototype, the Municipal Kypseli ...
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Sociality: The Importance of Online Presence

Living in the era of social media implies reaching the audience and customers through websites and different social accounts. Spyros ...
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Funding for Young Entrepreneurs

Funding was considered to be the most difficult step in the project development by the majority of Agora Erasmus+ Program ...
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Orange Grove: Support for Startups

Within the scope of educational and practical activities of the Agora Erasmus+ Program (2019) in Athens, Fotoessa arranged a visit ...
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Opportunities in European Funding for Young People

In cooperation with the awarded scientist Dr. Zoe Cournia, Fotoessa organized an educational session for the participants of the Agora ...
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Spiti Art Bar: A Successful Case Study

The creative entrepreneurs and artists, George Likoudis and Panos Kartimpelis, presented to Agora Erasmus+ program participants their successful music and ...
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Welcommon Hostel: A Unique Model of Socially-responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Athens

"We are part of the social change we want to see happen." Fotoessa chose Welcommon Hostel as the main venue ...
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March 2019: The AGORA program, Erasmus +, in Cluj, Romania

The AGORA program, Erasmus +, in Cluj, Romania The third part of the AGORA program, Erasmus +, took place in Cluj, ...
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November-December 2018: The AGORA program, Erasmus +, in Manchester, England

The AGORA program, Erasmus +, in Manchester, England Young people working in the arts and culture field from Greece, Sweden, ...
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June 2018: Τhe first part of the AGORA program, Erasmus +, Sweden

The first part of the AGORA program, Erasmus +, was successfully completed. The Erasmus + program is based on Collaborative ...
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Agora is a 18 month program for young people who have a good idea with a focus the cultural and ...
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September 2017: Fotoessa was certified in The Training of Trainers in Creative and Social Entrepreneurship Program (CSEP Training)

Fotoessa coordinated, trained and certified as a trainer (ToT) along with other non-governmental bodies, in the Social and Creative Entrepreneurship ...
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2016: Lazord Foundation

The Lazord Foundation carried out the final phase of training on Leadership and Fellowship for its program members ( and ...
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