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Intercultural Capacity Building Training Program: “Identity and Interculturalism: From Me to We”

Cities are on the frontline for promoting diversity, inclusiveness, social cohesion, and sustainable development and the coronavirus pandemic has even deepened some of the existing social challenges.

Fotoessa, an official member of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) Network, is delighted to participate in the transnational project “Intercultural Cities and Learning” that responds to these challenges and is part of the actions for the celebration of the 28th of November “Mediterranean Day” by the EU.

Within the framework of this program, which includes actions to encourage dialogue at the local level, promotion of good practices and exchange of knowledge throughout the Euro-Mediterranean region, Fotoessa will carry out a targeted, non-formal, 10-hour Intercultural Citizen Education in Athens, with participating students. The training includes four experiential workshops that aim to support intercultural dialogue within the city, raise awareness of the different cultural backgrounds, and acquire intercultural skills. The interactive training, which will take place at the American College (Deree), has as its main axis the Development of Intercultural Skills and is entitled: “Identity and multiculturalism: From Me to We”. Three three-hour face-to-face workshops will be held, in accordance with Covid-19 hygiene regulations. The training will conclude with an online assessment session lasting one hour.