“Bridging Boundaries”: Media Literacy training to empower Civil Society orgs

The Portuguese organization Aequalitas, and fellow ALF member, led an innovative 12hrs training course aiming to empower civil society organisations by providing the necessary skills and competencies in the fields of media literacy and interculturality. Trainers, Monica Corrigan and Leo Zbanke, welcomed participants from 11 countries: Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Finland, France, Palestine, Lebanon

“Challenging Perception and Suspending Judgment” on line intercultural workshop for Youth Workers

Following the “Change is a Journey” Irish Youth Workers’ Erasmus+ mobility program which took place in Greece on April 2023, Fotoessa organized an on line Intercultural Citizenship Education workshop for the program’s team of Irish Youth Workers, on June 20th. During the digital ICE training session, Aspasia Protogerou presented possible limitations of our perception and

Intercultural Workshop for SCI Hellas’ Young Volunteers

On 15 June 2023, Aspasia Protogerou, certified Intercultural Citizenship Education trainer and John (Yannis) Sourelis, Fotoessa’s cofounder and training facilitator, held a 3 hours team-building workshop in Athens for young volunteers from SCI Hellas. As the young participants were originated from Ireland and France there was an acknowledged need for a better mutual understanding and

“Gender Identity & Violence when Empowering the Youth” (GIVEN) Erasmus+ program

18-28 May 2023. Fotoessa’s co-founder, John Sourelis, and Intercultural trainer of trainers, Aspasia Protogerou, participated in the 10 days SCI Hellas’ Erasmus+ training program:  “Gender Identity & Violence when Empowering the Youth” (GIVEN) which was held in Thessaloniki from 18 to 28 May, 2023. The specific program focused on informing, sensitizing and training youth workers

“Change is a Journey” – Irish Youth Workers in Greece with Erasmus+ Youth Worker Mobility program

Fotoessa had the great privilege to participate in the Erasmus+ Youth Worker Mobility program: “Change is a Journey” – Irish Youth Workers in Greece, from 15 to 21 of April ’23. We organised and offered our eight guests tailor made workshops, innovative activities and intercultural trainings, on site visits and cultural exchanges with a variety

Presentation of the Creative and Social Entrepreneurship Programme (CSEP) at the workshop on “Innovative educational programs for vulnerable groups” of “NGO Competence” ERASMUS+

Fotoessa participated in the workshop organized by the Greek Network for the Fight against Poverty on “Innovative educational programs for vulnerable groups” in the framework of the ERASMUS+ program “NGO Competence” – Improving the competences of NGO educators for social inclusion. The program aims to train executives of Civil Society organizations, through exchanges of good

“UKRAINIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE UNDER THREAT”: Program for the promotion of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage

The Network of Educational Institutes of the European Union (EUNIC) in Athens, chaired by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, implemented the “UKRAINIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE UNDER THREAT” program with the main aim of exhibiting to the Greek public and institutions, elements of the intangible and material Ukrainian cultural heritage, as well as the consequences of the

INTERCULTURAL WORKSHOP on SOCIAL RESILIENCE for Young Volunteers in the Municipality of Saronikos: “Exploring PERCEPTION”

Members of small, regional communities – and especially young people – face significant and accumulated challenges due to problematic education, lack of creative stimuli, prolonged economic crisis, pandemic, natural disasters, modern geopolitical and social developments, etc. Responding to these challenges, Intercultural Citizenship Education (ICE) of the Anna Lindh Foundation, through its experiential, interactive workshops, can,

Fotoessa participating in Greek Antipoverty Network’s Erasmus+ program: “NGO Competence – Improving the competences of NGO educators for social inclusion”

We had the privilege to share our experience from the successful transnational program BeMyVoice (“Be my Voice”) for the support of freedom of expression, along with other best practices of respective organizations, in the frame of the educational workshop organized on November 5th by the Greek Antipoverty Network, which participates in the educational ERASMUS+ program: