Presentation of the LIVING LIBRARIES from The House of Europe in Rhodes in the frame of “Be My Voice” transnational project

Within the frame of the “Be My Voice” transnational project, supported by EU and the Anna Lindh Foundation network, Fotoessa had the privilege to welcome “The House of Europe in Rhodes” in a web presentation of the “Living Libraries”, an acknowledged tool for supporting freedom of speech and challenging prejudice and discrimination, creating a safe


Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Research Project Grant “Global Crises, Common Problems, Collective Solutions” We at Fotoessa PC are pleased to announce that we will be partners in an Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Research Project Grant for a project titled “Global Crises, Common Problems, Collective Solutions” which focuses on intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Med area in


A Transnational Research on the present and the future of Civil Society in the Euro-Med Area Fotoessa PC participates in the Anna Lindh Foundation-funded project called “Quo Vadis Euro-Med Civil Society” which aims to examine the situation of Civil Society in the EuroMed region, the problems, the new conditions and prospects, in order to draw

Kinitiras: A Case Study on Encouraging Sustainability and Growth of Social and Creative Entrepreneurship

Fotoessa decided to include the internationally recognized Artistic Network for Performing Arts ‘Kinitiras’ in the last international Agora Erasmus + training (2019) in Athens, as it is an excellent case study on encouraging sustainability and growth of social and creative entrepreneurship during challenging sociopolitical times. Kinitiras connects professionals and amateurs, people from different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic,

Municipal Kypseli Market: The first market of social entrepreneurship and urban regeneration in Greece

Elena Lambrou, from Impact Hub Athens, welcomed the Agora Erasmus+ Program (2019) participants in a bold community prototype, the Municipal Kypseli Market, the first market of social entrepreneurship and urban regeneration in Greece. Following a participatory model of management and revival of the urban commons, the Municipality of Athens chose through an open process the Impact

Welcommon Hostel: A Unique Model of Socially-responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Athens

“We are part of the social change we want to see happen.” Fotoessa chose Welcommon Hostel as the main venue for the Agora Erasmus + activities (2019) and the stay of its participants since it is a unique model of socially-responsible and sustainable tourism in Athens. Nikos Chrysogelos presented the aspirational Welcommon project which combines


Civil society, according to Ernest Geller, is a set of diverse non-governmental institutions strong enough to offset the state, which, while not preventing it from fulfilling its role as a guarantor of peace and an arbitrator of great interests, can nevertheless prevent it from dominating and extirpating the rest of society. In Fotoessa, we are