Intercultural Workshop within “BeMyVoice” Τransnational Μeeting in Luxemburg

On 27 July ’21, during the transnational meeting in the frame of Anna Lindh Foundation’s “Be My Voice” programme in Luxemburg, Fotoessa’s project manager, Aspasia Protogerou, certified ALF’s ToT on Intercultural Citizenship Education with facilitator and Fotoessa’s co-founder, John Sourelis, organised an initiating intercultural workshop for the participants of the programme in order to facilitate the bonding of the group and the following agenda of the meeting. The workshop included an ice-breaker and a raising awareness training activity called “What do you see?” from the Anna Lindh’s Intercultural Citizenship Education in the Euro-Mediterranean region handbook. These activities gave the opportunity to the 17 participants to practice empathy and critical thinking, to recognise stereotypes and beliers, to accept relativity of knowledge and diversity. The group of participants were challenged to observe and get to know each other, as well as to reflect on how they perceive others according to their judgment, what self-projections were made, what differences, similarities and common values emerged. The activity promoted active participation and intercultural communication, since one of the main aims of the workshop was to strengthen the competences in intercultural dialogue among the participants of the “Be My Voice” programme, for the purpose of further transnational networking and cooperation.