June 2018: Τhe first part of the AGORA program, Erasmus +, Sweden




The first part of the AGORA program, Erasmus +, was successfully completed.


The Erasmus + program is based on Collaborative Open Spaces (COS) expertise and aims at training, collaboration, exchange of ideas and the application of good practice among young artists aged 18-28. The ultimate goal of the program is to create innovative, healthy and successful business ventures in the wider area of art and culture, with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship.

AGORA has non-governmental organizations from four countries: FöreningenStapelbädden – STPLN and Swldeas AB from Sweden, In Place of War CIC from England, Federatia Fabrica De Pensule from Romania and Fotoseasa IKE from Greece. For the implementation of the program, the responsible coordinating body is STPLN, a Swedish Open Collaborative Space / Business Nursery, which enables mainly young people to find their professional orientation and to develop their creative ideas in business. Through the AGORA program, the participants, three from each country, have the opportunity to acquire specialized know-how, get to know each other and exchange views, draw inspiration from the cultures of every people and gain valuable stimuli and experience in the field interest. In Sweden, participants in AGORA had the opportunity to get to know each other and get to know the representatives of the organizations participating in the program, get to know and inspire from success stories in Swedish social entrepreneurship, acquire some basic theoretical tools for creating a successful business entity and expressing their original creative / business ideas. The remaining three parts of the AGORA program are held in November 2018 in Manchester, England in March 2019 in Bucharest, Romania, and in May 2019 in Athens.