FOTOESSA as the Host Company in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program 2019

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs 


During 2019, FOTOESSA has been the Host Company in the European exchange program for Entrepreneurs. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange program that gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience and ideas with the young entrepreneur from Serbia, Tijana Mladenovic, took place during her 6-month-stay in Greece, in FOTOESSA. After drawing her entrepreneurial idea, she realized she needed a deeper comprehension of obstacles, challenges, and opportunities when starting and developing new business. She states that this exchange has empowered her with know-how and it has helped her acquire the necessary skills. John Sourelis, as an experienced Host entrepreneur, was in charge of the training process, yet, the whole FOTOESSA team worked closely with Miss Mladenovic on various projects. She was engaged in all meetings and activities as an equal member of the Company. We coordinated FOTOESSA’s activities together, cooperated on the organization of each event, developed new educational programs, and worked on project proposals as a team. The exchange has been very beneficial for both sides and it exceeded the expected outcomes. The new entrepreneur, Tijana, says that this experience was full of light, which corresponds to the philosophy and the name of FOTOESSA. She learned about social, creative and cultural entrepreneurship, about funding opportunities for startups, developed her skills in the fields of business and project development, financing and networking. She also strengthened her competence in event organization, met other young entrepreneurs and created a network of contacts for future cooperation. On the other hand, FOTOESSA got fresh ideas from the new entrepreneur and gladly implemented them into various projects. We gained new perspectives and insight into the cultural and creative industry, as well as into the civil society of Serbia. FOTOESSA team has strengthened its professional network and its mentoring skills. Finally, we achieved what we strive for – we contributed to the successful development of the new entrepreneur through knowledge transfer and collaborative initiative.  

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The new entrepreneur Tijana Mladenovic with the Host entrepreneur John Sourelis