Spiti Art Bar: A Successful Case Study

The creative entrepreneurs and artists, George Likoudis and Panos Kartimpelis, presented to Agora Erasmus+ program participants their successful music and art space startup, Spiti Art Bar. This welcoming place, a small cosy venue in Kerameikos, in the heart of Athens, makes visitors and artists really feel like home (spiti in Greek means home). During the first five years of operation in the music scene of Athens, Spiti Art Bar has established a leading role in hosting mostly Jazz, gypsy jazz and Flamenco groups but there is no shortage of gigs across other genres and occasional various art exhibitions or book presentations. The stage is relatively small that’s why it usually hosts semi acoustic bands with a maximum number of 4-5 musicians. The Spiti Art Bar, with an enticing courtyard for catching the evening breeze during the summer, is an open creative space for passionate musicians and artists to meet, express themselves, collaborate, inspire and being inspired.