Welcommon Hostel: A Unique Model of Socially-responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Athens

“We are part of the social change we want to see happen.”

Fotoessa chose Welcommon Hostel as the main venue for the Agora Erasmus + activities (2019) and the stay of its participants since it is a unique model of socially-responsible and sustainable tourism in Athens. Nikos Chrysogelos presented the aspirational Welcommon project which combines sustainable tourism with empowerment and activities for climate protection and intercultural dialogue. The hostel offers classes (for languages, painting, puppet show, music, etc.) with the support of volunteers to refugees, migrants, local people, tourists. It designs interactive workshops for the professional training and promotion of the abilities and qualifications of refugees, especially the young persons, along with Greek nationals, in order to be able to find their way in society. The flagship action of its social cooperative enterprise Anemos Ananeosis/Winds of Renewal is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable and innovative social enterprises, of circular economy and of employment in green, social and cultural sectors. It highlights the positive impact that cooperatives and social enterprises could have on communities, revitalizing neighborhoods, building bridges between communities, social groups, newcomers and local people.