Shedia: Support for the Homeless and Contribution to Social Inclusion



The Agora Erasmus + Program (2019) participants had an opportunity to visit Shedia premises in Athens and to get introduced to its fundamental concept. Shedia is a non-profit organization set up in early 2010 to support, through a wide range of activities, the effort of homeless and socially excluded people to join or reintegrate into the society. Its magazine is not sold in kiosks, but on the streets by accredited vendors belonging to vulnerable and marginalized social groups. It is not only an opportunity for financial support and securing a small income to meet very basic needs, but also an opportunity to educate and animate people as a step towards social reintegration, recognition, and acceptance of ourselves and our fellow citizens. Another activity of the Shedia organization is the “Invisible Tour” around the social structures of the center with guides (current and former) homeless people. Shedia`s meaningful case study and the guide’s personal story had a tremendous impact on the participants and their understanding of social entrepreneurship.