Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Research Project Grant

“Global Crises, Common Problems, Collective Solutions”

We at Fotoessa PC are pleased to announce that we will be partners in an Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Research Project Grant for a project titled “Global Crises, Common Problems, Collective Solutions” which focuses on intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Med area in the Covid-19 era & its consequences…

This is a Center for International and European Studies (CIES)-led project in partnership with Fotoessa PC, the  University Of Cyprus and ZAK – Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale, of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology

The project aims to illustrate, by providing evidence from past relevant experience & desktop research, how the intercultural dialogue practiced by CSOs, can be a steam engine & a pool for ideas & approaches, in tackling challenges in the Euro-Med area, especially with regard to the emerging societal (including inter-state & inter-communal) environment in the Covid-19 era & its consequences. Hence, through a process of identification of the challenges, the objective is to introduce policy recommendations, & guidance for further research.

Overall Aim of the Project

To scientifically support the argument in favour of the application of intercultural dialogue as a means to bridge differences, resolve problems, & collectively face common challenges, both existing & emerging ones such as Covid-19 and its impact, by providing:

  • evidence for the ALF’s community and activities, and
  • recommendations for policies and for future research directions and priorities

This will be done via focussing on representative sample groups in the partner countries with an emphasis on Youth, Intercultural Cities, & the Media

This will achieve the objective to map the existing paradigms, research, report & practices on intercultural dialogue in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus (both communities) & Germany (with a focus on the citizens of Greek, Turkish, & Cypriot descent); to explore the impact of Covid-19; and to conduct & assess expert surveys & interviews in order to draft policy recommendations to enhance the intercultural dialogue both within & among the partner countries & within the wider EuroMed region.