ALF Training for Trainers on Intercultural Citizenship Education (25/11 to 1/12/19)

In the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Learning and Cities Programme, aiming at preparing people of the region to live and be active within multicultural societies, the Anna Lindh Foundation organised a Regional Training for Trainers on Intercultural Citizenship Education in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The training was addressed to educators in the formal

ALF Hellas National Network Members’ Meeting

The national members’ meeting of the Anna Lindh Foundation Hellenic Network took place in Thessaloniki the 8th and 9th of November 2019.  Fotoessa, as an active member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Euromed Network, joined the transnational gathering of fellow members across Greece and participated in all meeting’s activities: The annual review of the network’s

FOTOESSA as the Host Company in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program 2019

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs    During 2019, FOTOESSA has been the Host Company in the European exchange program for Entrepreneurs. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange program that gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience and ideas

Holistic Life Coaching: Personal Empowerment as the key to achieving individual goals

Eleni Papadaki, a leading holistic psychologist and life coach, had a group session with the participants of Agora Erasmus+ Program in Greece. During her presentation, she pinpointed how achieving one’s goals depends on his/hers own personal empowerment. Mrs Papadaki focused on the use of inner strength and the importance of self awareness. She presented the

Kinitiras: A Case Study on Encouraging Sustainability and Growth of Social and Creative Entrepreneurship

Fotoessa decided to include the internationally recognized Artistic Network for Performing Arts ‘Kinitiras’ in the last international Agora Erasmus + training (2019) in Athens, as it is an excellent case study on encouraging sustainability and growth of social and creative entrepreneurship during challenging sociopolitical times. Kinitiras connects professionals and amateurs, people from different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic,

Municipal Kypseli Market: The first market of social entrepreneurship and urban regeneration in Greece

Elena Lambrou, from Impact Hub Athens, welcomed the Agora Erasmus+ Program (2019) participants in a bold community prototype, the Municipal Kypseli Market, the first market of social entrepreneurship and urban regeneration in Greece. Following a participatory model of management and revival of the urban commons, the Municipality of Athens chose through an open process the Impact

Sociality: The Importance of Online Presence

Living in the era of social media implies reaching the audience and customers through websites and different social accounts. Spyros Tzortzis from Sociality (the cooperative for digital communication that provides services for the online world) delivered an informative and educative presentation for the Agora Erasmus+ Program (2019) participants. They were given a useful insight into digital communication,